Zipato IR Extender - Control AC with Virtual Switch

This application note shows how to control your Air Conditioner with a Zipato IR Extender with a Virtual Thermostat PRO and a Virtual Switch.

This project works as follow: when the threshold for the cooling event in the Virtual Thermostat is exceed, the virtual switch is turn on. The rule created allows to send the IR code for 'On' to your AC via Zipato IR Extender. Conversely, when the threshold for the cooling event is cross back, the virtual switch is turn off and the IR code for 'Off' is send to your AC.


- Zipato IR Extender
- Zipato Controller
- Air Conditioner (for this example, we use a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
- Zipato Virtual Switch
- Zipato Virtual Thermostat PRO


This tutorial is following the two other tutorials 'Add Zipato IR Extender' and 'Zipato IR Extender AC Configuration'.

Follow  Add Zipato IR Extender to see how to learn the 'On' code and the 'Off' code of your AC's remote.

Follow  Zipato IR Extender AC Configuration to see how to control your AC through a Virtual Thermostat PRO.

1. In 'Device Manager', click on 'Add new device' and add a virtual switch 'AC Switch'
2. Go into the configuration menu of the Virtual Thermostat PRO
3. In 'Devices', select 'AC Switch' as an output for Cooling. Don't forget to save.

Create the following rule, don't forget to save and synchronize


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