Zipato Z-wave remote - Adding

This application note shows how to add a Zipato Z-wave remote to your Zipato Controller.


-Zipato Z-wave remote
-Zipato Controller


1) Power up procedure

Before first use you need to activate the battery through micro USB. After the device is activated by connecting to micro USB, the device will start charging and LED will light on with red color. If the battery is full charged, LED will light green color.

2) Adding to Z-wave network

1. Click on 'Add new device'
2. Click on 'Z-Wave', the discovery process for Z-Wave devices started automatically
3. Hold down the central key,then press the top-right key 3 times within 1.5 seconds to enter inclusion mode.
4. Reload the dashboard.

3) Receive the setting commands (“Wake Up Notification”)

1. Hold down the central key
2. Press the top-right key once
3. The device will wake-up 10 seconds for receive the setting commands.


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